Joseph J. Lacay founded Lacay Fabrication & Mfg., Inc. in 1975, He created a company built on integrity and dependability. His foresight into the future growth of South Bend enabled him to foresee the opportunity to create jobs and service for the growing industrial needs of the area. The company is still family owned and operated today. Ann Filley is president and her brother Joe Lacay is vice president.

As a result, Lacay Fabrication has provided many years of service to the industry. We have successfully provided high-quality, custom steel fabrications to a variety of customers and markets such as A.M. General, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Navistar and many others.

Today, Lacay Fabrication continues to uphold these principles with competitive pricing and dependable delivery. We strive to keep pace with the industry by providing excellence through innovation in customer service and technology. Let us be a part of your growth, and experience together the success which the future holds for all of us.

It is the goal of the people of Lacay Fabrication to have a quality and continuous improvement system that reflects our commitment to our customers' satisfaction.