When customers have a complicated design project they can call on us. Lacay Fabrication believes in building relationships, not just products. We take the time to work with our customers to analize the needs they have. Then we design and manufacture a solution to meet those needs.

Step one of our process is design and prototyping. With Auto Cad capabilities and an engineering staff, we are able to design and build prototypes according to your needs.

We have three distinctive work areas
at our plant:

Fixture building is done in house. Units are built within tolerance as they are drilled, punched, and stamped.


MIG and robotic welding is used in the construction of all units.


Racks are washed, painted, and final assembly is completed. At this stage we add identification tags on racks, which allow the racks to be entered into the customer's plant computer system, making it easy to locate once it is integrated into the production flow.

Throughout it all, we use the following equipment and systems to assure a quality product goes out the door:

Once the product has been delivered, our job isn't over. If you have a problem, we offer on-site service to correct it. It is our goal to meet your needs and streamline your process. We are committed to quality.