About Us

Welcome to Lacay Fabrication, a family-owned business built on a legacy of innovation and pride of craftsmanship. Founded by Joseph Lacay in 1975 and now passed down to the next generation, we have been serving various manufacturing industries with our fabricated steel products for nearly five decades.

Unrivaled Expertise

Under the second generation of leadership, Joe Lacay continues to uphold the values instilled by his father. Quality is of paramount importance to us, and we ensure conformance to specifications by implementing quality checks throughout the production process. Our commitment to quality includes the use of CMM equipment to perform final measurements before shipment, guaranteeing that each product leaving our facility meets or exceeds customer expectations.

At Lacay Fabrication, we understand that every customer has unique needs. That’s why our team of engineers works closely with clients to design products tailored specifically to their requirements while ensuring functionality. We thrive on the challenge of developing innovative solutions from concept stage to completion. Relying on our years of fabrication experience to help our customers avoid plant floor functionality challenges, we are able to provide products that enhance usability and reliability within their organization’s work flow.

Choose Lacay Fabrication for our expertise, exceptional quality, and personalized service!

Experience the difference that our family-owned business can make in delivering superior designs that result in a product that makes your plant run more effectively.